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Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked LOTS of questions about Paws Apparel, so I thought I would help answer them in one place. If there is a question that hasn't been answered here, please email us a line at

Doberman in 1.5" blue argyle       Tango in a martingale collar


Question: what is my collar/ harness made of?

All Paws Apparel products are made from 3/4" wide and 1" wide Nylon Tubular webbing, with 1.5" wide products made from seat belt webbing ( like the seat belt in your car). These products were specifically chosen because they do not cause wear marks or discolorations on your pet's neck or body, and each have a breaking strength of over 4000lbs. The webbing that Paws Apparel uses is sourced from suppliers within North America.


Question:  How do I wash my Paws Apparel item?

Answer: Paws Apparel products can be washed in cold water in the washing machine, and hung to dry (martingales can lay flat to dry).


Question:  My dog gets SO DIRTY!  Can I do anything to protect their collar from dirt?

Answer:  All products are made of webbing and printed ribbon, there is often very little chance of colour fading, even if the collar gets washed multiple times. I Scotch Guard all our products to help keep them looking great as well. Once the item has been been washed you may need to spray it again. The only time I wouldn't suggest Scotch Guard is if you have a dog that has skin allergies, as you wouldn't want to exacerbate those issues with a new substance.  I find the Scotch Guard that is safe to use on indoor furniture like couches is the best, as it is formulated to be safe for you to put your skin or a baby's skin directly on it when it is dry.  PLEASE MAKE SURE IF YOU SPRAY YOUR COLLAR YOU ALLOW FOR IT TO 100% AIR DRY BEFORE USE!!


Question:  Will you replace my collar for free if it breaks?

Answer:  Paws Apparel always has a 100% guarantee on all our products. If anything rips, tears, or comes apart I will fix it or replace it free of charge. Paws Apparel is not responsible for a manufacturers defect with the plastic and metal findings. If there is a breakage of the metal of plastic findings Paws Apparel will happily replace the finding for you, though the customer is responsible for mailing the product back to Paws Apparel 


Question:  What if the ribbon gets worn out? 

Answer:  If the ribbon gets worn out, Paws Apparel will happily accept the return of the product and we will  replace the ribbon on the product for a modest fee of 3$. Return shipping cost would be the responsibility of the purchaser. For a collar the cost of replacing the ribbon would be $3, for a leash $5, and $10 for a harness.


Question:  Can I donate my old Paws Apparel to you? What will you do with it?

Answer:  You can absolutely return in your used collars, leashes and harnesses to me, whether they are Paws Apparel or not, and I will happily donate them to a rescue in need. There are times I will recycle old hardware from pieces if they are in good condition. We often make items for dogs in rescue and the hardware can be used toward this endeavour since we are providing these items free to these dogs. If you do turn yours in and are upgrading to a new collar or other item with us, we are happy to provide a discount.


Question:  Do you donate items or money to rescues, charities, or other causes?

Answer:  Yes I do! Paws Apparel is extremely active within the rescue world and have joined forces to sponsor K9 Crusaders, T.E.A.M Dog Rescue, Boston Terrier Rescue CanadaCanadian Forces Morale and Welfare Division, and many more! Throughout 2016 I will be donating and sponsoring a variety of rescues throughout Ontario and Canada. I also happily donate to rescue auctions to help raise even more funds.


Question:  What is the turnaround time if I order items from you? 

Answer:  Paws Apparel works hard to have all orders shipped out to purchasers within 1 week. It can take upwards of 30 days for an item to arrive to you, though we always hope that your order will arrive sooner. Due to the volume of orders during certain times of the year, there may be a small delay of your product being shipped out. If you do require faster shipping, please send us a note within your order to assure we get our product out to you quickly. 

 Question:  I ordered the wrong size for my dog, what can I do?

Answer:  Paws Apparel will happily exchange products of the wrong size. The return shipping of the incorrect product is the responsibility of the purchaser. If there is any difference in price between the purchased product and the exchanged product Paws Apparel will refund any cost difference, or we will send the purchaser an invoice for the price difference.

Question:  Can I pick up items from your home, or meet you somewhere to pick up my order?

Answer: Paws apparel's home base is in Ottawa, and you are welcome to come by our home to pick up your product. Paws Apparel does offer local delivery within Ottawa for a nominal fee of 5$. Customers are also welcome to come by and visit Paws Apparel at any of the local pet events we attend.