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Paws Apparel's simple beginnings

Alice Chiasson

Paws Apparel was started over 7 years ago in Toronto Ontario with the intention of creating quality dog collars, leashes and harnesses for the stylish pup.  

Since the very beginning there has been SO much change to our collar styles, our leash lengths and offerings, as well as having begun making dog harnesses and now we even offer awesome bandanas. 

I began rock climbing in 2008, and I fell in love with the softness and versatility of the tubular webbing that climbers use to tie into anchors on the wall. There was at the time a smaller market for pet apparel, so I began my research of pricing for tubular webbing, and all the various findings. I will fully admit that at first Paws Apparel was not fancy, and definitely had a long way to go, but I was dedicated and WANTED to make something great!

Tango and Alice

One of the main reasons why Paws Apparel chose Nylon tubular webbing to create our products is because the webbing is not only soft, are quick to dry when wet, but is also insanely strong. The breaking strength of nylon tubular webbing is over 4000lb. Which means that 4000lbs of force would need to be placed on the webbing for the fibers to split apart. 

The softness of the webbing has been found to help pups who have short hair, or sensitive skin to grow back hair that was lost due to rough nylon collar webbing. 

Since moving to Ottawa in 2013, Paws Apparel now offers products such as

- dog collars; including martingale collars, clasp collars, and martingales with clasps. 

- dog leashes; including traffic leashes, and hands free leashes

- dog harnesses; including roman style harnesses, step in harnesses, and no pull harnesses

- dog bandanas; in a variety of styles and sizes

- dog tug toys; made with quality fleece, sewed at all edges, and in variety sizes for the perfect size of your pooch


I can't believe how much Paws Apparel has grown over the last 5 years, and I look forward to the next 5 years dressing up pups, meeting new dog owners and finding new pet products to unveil. 

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